Welcome to VR City DAO

A Perpetual Purpose

Decentralized Organization

"There, far away behind the dunes, while others saw only sand, you saw a city to build."

The VR City DAO App is now in Beta and available for download on the app stores.

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Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit 2022

4-5 October 2022

VR City is a Perpetual Purpose DAO, we place the values of our purpose at the center of our ecosystem.

VR City is an innovative mixed reality metaverse, combining technologies such as AR/VR, Blockchain and IoT, to create a new level of experience, more connected to our physical reality and with real value for its users and members, which is expressed in features and abilities offered by our platform.

VR City DAO will be launched during the Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai on the 4th-5th of October 2022.

We invite all future VR Citizens to check back on this site for updates or subscribe to our Discord and Telegram Groups.

VR City DAO Launch