VR City 3D App

Welcome to the VR City DAO 3D App Beta. Use the Store Configurator to create a 3D store in our App. Store creation is free for 3 months, during our beta phase. Download our frontend App from the Google Play and IOS App Stores.

Download our 3D App to access our first demo stores and use our Store Configurator to create your own 3D store and publish it in our App.

VR City DAO Android
VR City DAO Windows

The VR City App is an Android, IOS Mobile, Windows and Mac desktop App, that can be downloaded and installed from the App Stores. We also plan on releasing an Oculus HMD version at the end of 2022.

The VR City App is the 3D frontend experience for guests and citizens of VR City, it allows 3D real time interaction between users and interactive spaces of VR City.

The VRC App will render the 3D world of VR City in all its aspects. From the lands in development, to the buildings and infrastructures that will populate VR City.

Initially the 3D app experience will be based on 3D virtual spaces, with preset features, that can be used to create immersive retail or meeting spaces, using a set of templates that can be personalized.

We will launch the public app in beta testing with a limited set of virtual stores, selected for our beta testing period. After this period, we will offer anyone the possibility of creating a virtual space on our platform.

In the second version of the app, once the land system will be implemented and the land sale marketplace will be launched in Q3 2022, the existing 3D virtual spaces will be transferred to plots of land on the map of VR City and will be minted as unique NFTs on the platform.