3D Spaces

VR City DAO Spaces

VR City Spaces

Own a unique spot in the Metaverse with VR City Space NFTs. VR City Spaces are 3D virtual spaces that you rent for a specific time.

  • Choose from a set of ready to use template spaces.

  • A VR City 3D Space can be opened in minutes and can be active for as long as you want.

  • VR City allows you to mint a unique NFT of your 3D virtual space.

  • 3D Virtual Stores, Art Galleries, Meeting venues, Immersive Learning spaces and more... are among the endless possibilities in VR City!

VR City DAO Mirror Spaces

VR City Mirror Spaces

Use your Lidar enabled smartphone to scan any physical space and upload the 3D model to VR City.

  • Add your real life location or venue to the Metaverse and mint a unique NFT of your space's digital mirror.

  • Connect your real life location to VR City and display AR content in your physical space.

VR City DAO NFT Art Galleries

NFT Art Galleries

Open a 3D virtual gallery, showcase your NFT art.

  • Open a virtual gallery to showcase and sell your NFT art in VR City's Art District.

  • Connect your wallet to your art gallery to instantly sell NFTs.