VR City Land

The Virtual Estate Marketplace of VR City

Get Your Land NFT!

VR City Lands can be minted as NFTs on the Polygon Network. Each plot of land is a single NFT that can be minted, bought, sold or rented. 

If a Land does not have an owner, it has to be minted. The minting process will place the land you want to acquire on auction, for a period of 24 hrs. After this period, the highest bidder can claim their land and the Land NFT is transferred to their wallet.

Only lands bordering with already minted lands can be minted.

In order to buy VR City Lands you must hold VRCITY Tokens, to mint the lands or to bid on a land auction. You can buy VRCITY Tokens using this website.

Get Your Land in VR City

The VR City Land Map is structured as follows:

Get Your Virtual Land in VR City
VR City DAO Land Expansion