One of the main issues of cities has always been pollution. We aim at making VR City a sustainable ecosystem, by lowering as much as possible its carbon footprint and placing social and climate responsibility at the center of our strategy and processes.

Being climate positive is an ambitious goal as it does not only pertain to energy consumption or resources, but it involves all levels of the value chain, diffusing and putting to work at different levels of the organization and partnerships, a culture of sustainability and social responsibility.

We will tackle carbon footprint, operating on the following levels:

  • DAO Carbon footprint monitoring and quantifying.

    • It is hard to reduce what you don’t know. Monitoring and quantifying will be our first objective in sustainability.

  • DAO Processes

    • Carbon footprint will be a central element in designing our processes and sustainability embedded in them as a funding principle.

  • DAO Infrastructure

    • Processing power and electrical power are at the base of any metaverse. We will aim at building our IT infrastructure, not only in a decentralized framework, but also quantifying and lowering its carbon footprint, prioritizing clean energy adoption.

  • DAO external relations and partnerships

    • Any organization is part of a wider ecosystem or connects and integrates to other ecosystems and value chains. At VR City, we are aware that being climate positive means being part of an ecosystem of partnerships, where sustainability is a shared core principle.

  • DAO Culture

    • Being climate positive starts from adopting a culture of respect for our environment and ecosystems, at all levels.

    • At VR City we promote a culture of inclusion and equality, integrating the values of social and environmental responsibility into our DAO culture.

In decentralized ecosystems and platforms reaching a zero carbon footprint goal is a hard task, as all nodes of the platform as it evolves, would have to follow sustainability principles.

This is one of the big issues we want to tackle in our project, dedicating specific resources to making our ecosystem as sustainable and carbon free as possible.

We aim at creating a sustainability committee within VR City, working constantly to reduce the carbon footprint of our project, starting by precisely quantifying it, monitoring its evolution and implementing carbon insetting strategies.

Aware of the importance of our carbon footprint and social impact, we instituted the VR City Sustainability Fund, with an allocation of 20% of the VR City project funding wallet coming from land fees, space fees and memberships.

The work of the VR City Sustainability Fund, will be based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.